Welcome to soar.sus.mcgill.ca! You must be eager to find out what SOAR stands for, and we are very eager to share it with you. SOAR stands for Summer Opportunities And Research and is a database provided and maintained by the SUS for all science students. We understand that many science students come from all across the country and that when they return home for the summer, they find it either difficult to locate positions or that deadlines have expired – all because they’ve been out of the province for eight months. Our mission, through the SOAR database, is to bridge that disconnect, and help students find summer research opportunities and other activities in their home provinces or province of choice. We’ve spent much time gathering and consolidating data on a number of opportunities in all of the provinces so that you don’t have to. We’ve done all the searching, you just need to figure out which opportunities suit you and apply. To do make the selection process easier, each entry is organized with detailed information regarding the nature of the position, the time commitment, pre-requisites, whether the position is paid or not, and the contact information of the principal investigator or primary coordinator.

If you don’t find an opportunity that meets your needs, don’t worry; we’re committed to continually adding, replacing, updating, and revising all of the opportunities so you always get the most recent information to make informed decisions. Additionally, if you know of an opportunity that you would like to see on the database, please email external@sus.mcgill.ca. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

So, returning home for the summer and want to stay busy? Start your search now for what could be the most enjoyable and rewarding summer experience you’ve ever had. Many programs have strict deadlines so the sooner you do your own research, the better.

In any case, we hope you find an opportunity that suits you and we thank you for checking us out.

Good luck in your search and happy hunting!

The SUS External Affairs Team

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Feel free to contact us for questions or comments on the Website. Below are the emails of the people involved in this project.

Joyce Chen, Nicole Park, Shazia Shivji
As information collectors, these guys can help you with any questions you might have about finding opportunities.
Joyce - joyce.chen2@mail.mcgill.ca
Nicole - nicole.park2@mail.mcgill.ca
Shazia - shazia.shivji@mail.mcgill.ca

Atin Jindal
I am the one who designed and implemented this website. Please direct all questions or comments about the website to me.
Email - atin.jindal@gmail.com

Akshay Rajaram
Akshay is the head of the project. Please contact him if you wish to associate with us or have ideas about future projects.
Email - rajaram.akshay@gmail.com